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We are a online drugstore with the mission to get quality medicines and supplements for the best price with free shipping to customers worldwide to improve their general health and sexual health. Do you want to save money on your health costs with lower drug prices? Then get cheap medicines and prescription drugs at world's biggest and best online pharmacy, proudly in business since 2001!

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Trusted by over 100000+ clients! We have an pharmacy license and work with licensed pharmacies around the world to reduce shipping costs and for fast deliveries. Pharmacy XL features generic drugs and branded drugs, OTC drugs as well as prescription drugs for cheap prices and with fast free shipping worldwide without doctor's prescription. With discounts of 70% compared to drug prices at your local pharmacy, you can order drugs online at the comfort of your home for affordable prices to treat health problems, like erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Search by category or drug name in the search box and find Rx medications for your health with guaranteed low prices.

Canadian Pharmacy

While we are a fully certified canadian pharmacy trusted by thousands of happy returning clients, we are operating worldwide too and have a worldwide network of distribution centers and pharmacies in Europe, United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia & New Zealand and by this can efficiently operate around the world giving the best quality medicines for lowest prices and that's how we started low time ago and was one of our company mission statements and till today is our mission. So the fast we are a Canadian online pharmacy, doesn't mean we only operate in Canada and North America, we are happy to serve the world with quality generic drugs for low prices and the fact we are offering low prices and free global shipping proofs this.

Free Shipping

We are proud and happy to be one of the few online pharmacies on the market which is able to offer free shipping. Obviously this is not easy, but thanks to size of our company, our long-term experience, worldwide coverage, efficiency and low cost structure and contracts with licensed pharmacists worldwide we are able to offer free shipping to almost all countries and on 99% of drugs online.

Low Prices

You are wondering how we do it to provide such a low prices for such a good service and quality medications? Well it is very simple and basically because of 3 reasons. The first is that we don't spend a lot of money on marketing and branding, we believe in mouth-of-worth advertising since we founded Pharmacy XL in 2001 and since then many happy returning clients told it to their friends and family so they could also save money on medicines. Secondly we operate as a non profit pharmacy, where we do not have the mission to make a lot of money, but our mission is to provide high quality medicines for the lowest prices, not compromising on quality. The third reason for our low prices is the fact we work very efficiently with a state of the art IT infrastructure and highly qualified people which also share our mission that "share is care" and always have the customer first.

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs marketed without brand-name contain the exact same active ingredients used in their brand-name counterparts, but cost much less. Sometimes even generic drugs have brand-names, like for example Kamagra and Kamagra Oral Jelly which are simply a generic version of Viagra, but after the patent of PFizer for Viagra expired other pharmaceutical companies could also sell and brand their generic medications for a much lower price. All the generic drugs sold at our online pharmacy always meet the FDA standard and are approved and work the same or even better. Why better? Sometimes the generic drug is a newer and improved version of the brand one. For example while the brand version of "viagra" is only available in 100mg sildenafil, the generic viagra version is available with 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 130mg, 150mg and 200mg sildenafil citrate so you have a much wider choice fitting your personal body and circumstances with choosing generic viagra and that all for a fraction of the price. This is the main reason why we prefer generic drugs over brand drugs.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are medications which require a doctor's prescription in some countries. In every country the laws and regulations are different, however at pharmacy xl we have a very simple rule regarding this. You don't need a prescription for any medications, however we have professional licensed pharmacists which check carefully every order and check the medical questionnaire at every order and if there is a need for a prescription than they will make this. The advantage for you is you don't need to visit your doctor, which saves money and times and you can simple order the Rx drugs which you need at the comfort of your own home at our online pharmacy for much lower prices than at your local pharmacy.

Sexual Health

Medications for the sexual health are very popular and this were the first medicines our online pharmacy started with back in 2001. Why? Simply because there was an intense demand for Viagra and Cialis and because of the high prices in pharmacies worldwide and the doctor's prescription which was needed, there was a strong customer need for a solution which was our online drugstore. Since then we have increased our offerings with many other medications for both erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra etc...) and premature ejaculation treatment (Priligy, Dapoxetine) and since last years also the dual actions pills treating both ED and PE are becoming increasingly popular with Super Kamagra, Viagra Duloxetine and Levitra Dapoxetine for example. However since more than 10 years we have also many other medications outside of the sexual health like for example antibiotics, depression and anxiety medications and many more totalling more than 400 drugs available online and we always try to expand and improve our offerings.