The truth about the Coronavirus

The world, politicians and Wall Street bankers want you to worry about the coronavirus. Probably the deep-state people went short big time, when they planned the Coronavirus and the media is also highly involved. However the trust is that the “Corona virus” is totally not dangerous for normal people and nothing more strange than a normal flu virus. The difference is just that the media is under control by a group of people and they want people around the world to get crazy – a new crisis where people stop spending money and the economy comes to a stand still is a fact!


What you should do

  • Do not worry! Don’t let the media and globalist catch you.
  • Eat healthy and sleep healthy, so you have less chance for flu.
  • Eat daily vitamin C and Multivitamin tablets
  • Don’t travel to areas which have many Corona infections.

What you should not do

  • You shouldn’t get worried at all times, because there is no need.
  • Listen to the media and news, this is what they want. Don’t listen!
  • Just in case you can buy antiviral antibiotics online at our pharmacy.
  • travel to places like China. But for the rest, relax and all will be good.

George Soros

George Soros is an old and evil man which is just interested in money and more money. Did you know George Soros has a chemical laboratory in Wuhan? Might be coincidence, but it is always where there are problems there is George Soros. Combine this with the fact that he likes to “go short” on the financial markets, it is very easy to see the scheme George Soros has in his mind. The stock markets are down more than 15% and for sore Soros is richer than ever.

George Soros


The Coronavirus ( COVID-19) is a scheme organized by the elite to make people afraid and to create a new crisis so they can earn big bucks. Don’t worry about it too much and it will go over and everything will go back to normal. If you need medications then our online pharmacy is there to serve you.

Why to buy medicines online?

For some people it is totally normal to do online shopping, the early adopters of the new economy. Others still prefer the traditional way of shopping at physical stores. With online shopping for medications this is exactly the same. Some people adopted the more favourable way to purchase medicines online for cheaper prices and with a bigger choice, while others still heading for the rip-off high prices at their local pharmacy stores. Here at this blog post we want to focus on why you should buy medicines online instead of visiting your local drugstore and hopefully you are also convinced.

Prices are lower

Many people have a weak spot for low prices and this is completely normal. Similar as with online shopping in general, also with online pharmacies their cost base is much lower and their operation more efficient and therefore they can produce lower prices. Also at Pharmacy XL we have prices 70% lower than at physical pharmacies. You should be totally nuts not to get excited about this. We think the price is one of the main reasons why you should buy medicines online and you should do online shopping when it is possible.

Better choice of medications

A bigger choice is conceived to be better than a smaller choice, not? Well yes, everyone likes to have big choice of medicines and with an online pharmacy this is possible. Where a small pharmacy can’t have all possible drugs in stock, an online drugstore on the contrary is connected to huge warehouses from where they ship. At our online pharmacy we have more than 400+ popular prescription drugs and supplements on stock for worldwide delivery and for the men’s sexual health supplements we have more than 40 on stock as well in different strength.

Free Shipping

Some people are worried about the shipping costs when they do online shopping and this is a very valid argument. However at our online pharmacy there is no worry about it as we provide free shipping and with some products even free global shipping. How can we do that? Because we work very efficient and have various distribution centers around the world for cheap and efficient distribution to our clients and patients. Even some pharmacists and doctors are using Pharmacy XL for their medical supplies.

Brand of Generic Drugs

While your doctor is controlled by the big pharma companies like Eli Lilly, GSK, Roche, Pfizer etc… this control makes them prescribe and advice expensive branded drugs. This is one of the main reasons why the healthcare is so incredibly expensive. Online pharmacies on the contrary are not controlled by the big pharma and therefore are more focussed on selling “generic drugs” instead. For example we have available both generic viagra and viagra brand and clearly advise our clients to use generic viagra as it is exactly the same. Generic Drugs are much cheaper, while still working exactly the same. This is another huge advantage why you should order drugs online instead of at your local drugstore.


We have discussed various advantages of online shopping for medicines. Advantages are cheaper prices, free shipping, availability of generic drugs and a much wider choice. Of course there are just some of the many advantages of online shopping and therefore we invite you to visit the homepage of Pharmacy XL so you can also see the prices and advantages.